General Information

Heswall u3a is a totally volunteer organisation. It relies on members volunteering to populate the Management Committee, sub-committees and Groups and Activities Leaders

The Management Committee

The Management Committee has between 6 and 14 members, who are elected annually from amongst our members at the AGM. Each committee member heads up an area of our u3a. In some areas sub-committees, including other members, are formed to ensure the planning and organisational workload is shared.

Management Committee members are the Trustees of Heswall u3a and have joint responsibility to protect our charitable status by ensuring compliance with the requirements of our Constitution, the Third Age Trust, relevant legislation and regulations.

This is not as onerous as it may sound, as a good deal of common sense, a little reading and a belief in the principles of the u3a movement is what is required.

Since we started in late 2009 many members have gained enjoyment, new friends, new knowledge and skills from participation in this committee, without which our u3a could not exist. If you are interested in joining the Management Committee contact either the Chair or Business Secretary and we’ll invite you to sit in on a meeting to get a flavour of what the Management Committee does.

You can find a list of the current members of our Management Committee on our Contact Us page


We are a non-religious, non-political organisation and do not allow official u3a communications or meetings to promote private, business or commercial organisations. Occasionally similar educational activities from other non-profit local community-based organisations may be allowed to be advertised – contact the Chair.

Whilst we try to ensure that information on this site is accurate and up to date, errors or omissions can occur. Please check with the Group Leader/Organiser of the activity. We cannot take responsibility for problems caused by any inaccuracies.

Interest Groups are run on a voluntary basis by our members. There is no distinction between the learners and the teachers, as they are all Heswall u3a members.

2021 Membership Renewal

All members were emailed or written to in early March regarding their annual membership renewal due on 1st April 2021. If you haven’t received or have mislaid this notification, or have any other query, you should contact the Membership Secretary –  Please note, if you have not renewed by 30th April 2021 you will cease to be a member of Heswall u3a.


Heswall U3A is registered with the England & Wales Charity Commission registration number 1152217.

The Third Age Trust website is

We form part of the North West Region of u3as.

We are part of the Deeside & Wirral Network of u3as